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How to Train a Maltese Poodle Mix

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Maltese poodle mixes have physical and behavioral characteristics of both breeds.
A Maltese poodle mix is a small, lively and friendly dog, with characteristics of both the Maltese breed and the poodle breed. A purebred Maltese should weigh under 7 pounds, and be pure white, with hair that continuously grows, like human hair. A purebred poodle can vary among three sizes: standard, miniature and toy. The size of the Maltese poodle mix will vary depending on the size of the parent that is a poodle, but generally they are small or toy-sized dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, the Maltese is among the most gentle of little dogs. Both breeds are intelligent, friendly and energetic, so your training program must be tailored to fit a highly intelligent dog with high energy.

How to Rescue Maltese Dogs

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Rescue Maltese Dogs
The Maltese is a small breed of dog steeped in a rich history. The dogs have been well-known as royal lap dogs and companions to some of the most influential figures in history. Even given its extensive history, the Maltese is not exempt from poor breeding and ownership practices. There are many Maltese that are in need of help, and starting a Maltese rescue can be a very rewarding experience.

How to Take Care of a Maltese Puppy

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Take Care of a Maltese Puppy
The Maltese is one of the most regal breeds in the dog world. Developed on the isle of Malta thousands of years ago, the breed has grown to become one of the most popular companion breeds due to its gentle nature and small stature. Raising and caring for Maltese puppies can be a very enjoyable venture and will give you a loving, loyal companion for years to come.

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